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    Data Breach Registry
    Totally Developed in Italy, followin the GDPR Guidelines
  • Data Breach Registry
    In a practical, fast and traceable way. Compiling the Violations Register and complying with the Legislation in force

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DATA BREACH REGISTRY ® IS: fast according to law secure and can help you
to fulfill the obligations of the GDPR by making the
Compilation of the Register of Violations

The Register of Violations is a necessary fulfillment pursuant to the GDPR, this is clear from a careful reading of Article 33 of EU Regulation 679/2016. Here you can find the behaviors to adopt in case of having to proceed with a " Notification of a Personal Data Breach to the Supervisory Authority".
The article, in addition to listing how a notification should be made, with what methods and with what contents, specifically tells us, in point 5, that:

5. The data controller documents any Personal Data Breach, including the circumstances surrounding it, its consequences and the measures taken to remedy it. This documentation allows the supervisory authority to verify compliance with this article.

Data Breach Registry ® - DBR -was developed basing its structure both on what is reported in this specific point of the article, and taking into account the instructions of the Personal Data Guarantor Authority on how a report should be made. Keeping the Register of Violations via DBR therefore makes the Data Breach Registry ® a preparatory tool for a correct and assisted compilation of any report, as well as giving it a value high to demonstrate the Compliance of your Structure in the management of Data Breach, giving the documents generated a Legal value. The NWN Solutions Team also gives to all its Customers Support for the correct Compilation of the Infringement Register, which is included in each License.

The Features of DBR

Customer Support

Provided in both first and second level and technical support 24/7/365.

Proprietary document process

A Platform created ad HOC to Protect you Users.

Proprietary Webtool

Developed and Produced by NWN Solutions, following the Guidelines of the Guarantor.

Secure Storage

Secure archiving process, compliant with current regulations.

Uploading Attachments

Possibility to upload all the necessary Attachments within the Registry.

Download of Events in ZIP format

In order to thus allow the conservation, also in compliance with the law, of the Register.

PDF/A Generation Secured

Regulatory protection of generated files, also in English

For SMEs, Multinationals and PA

Licenses created ad HOC, for all realities.


During the development of Data Breah Registry® we thought of a management platform that could also be used by complex commercial structures. The presence of dedicated access panels has therefore been envisaged, including the one reserved for Distributors, so that they can manage the structure pertaining to them, made up of Resellers and Points of Sale, whether these are linked to Resellers same as independent.
Our Tool dedicated to compiling the Register of Violations is aimed at the entire market, therefore also at medium and very small structures. Those who normally follow this type of reality are Resellers, a category to which we have dedicated particular attention, arranging preferential access to a dedicated section. In this way the Resellers will be able to autonomously manage the points of sale connected to them and thus create a clear reference chain.
In the Data Breach Registry® design phase we tried to think of a Tool that could be taken into consideration by the entire market, going to structure a product that could adapt to any reality. So we proceeded to divide and think about types of Licenses that could be suitable for realities of any size and type: from the micro company, to the SME to the Public Administration< /strong>, without forgetting companies with multiple offices, both national and international. A license for every need.
Data Breach Registry Plans and Prices

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